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Finding your wedding photographer – questions to ask a wedding photographer

For most couples choosing a wedding photographer is usually the second largest investment for their wedding day,having a professional photographer on hand to document that all the hard work put into producing their perfect wedding will certainly be worth it. What would it be worth having nothing to remind you of all the memories it brings. The employment of a wedding photographer is to ensure that the couples fond memories, that could only be captured on this one day, can always be revisited. The quality of wedding photographs is drastically improved in comparison to shots gathered by tipsy guests. I guess the question is would you rather have memorable wedding photographs of you and your other half or shots of how lovely your shoes looked. Once the wedding is done, the photos and video are the only record of your day, with no undo button so it’s always important to choose a wedding photographer you’ll be happy with.

It makes sense that a couple would wish for an easy aid to view the start of a lifetime together, which is made significantly easier due to professionally taken photographs being produced of their wedding day. To ensure that your wedding photographer will produce wedding photos that you’ll love, it would be a good start to search for an experienced wedding photographer. Who has possibly either worked at your chosen wedding venue before, or is capable of working with the number of guests that you’ve chosen to share your wedding day with or has previously photographed any special actives you have planned for your wedding day. Finding a wedding photographer is easy, finding one who works with your ideal style takes patience.

Wedding photographers use a range of styles in their work, you can vary from formal to informal. But generally it’s easier if you get along with them on your wedding day. The formality is also accountable for the wedding photographs achieved, when a couple feels relaxed it makes them easier to photograph. Wedding photographs can work in any form of weather as there’s always something to make the day significant. Winter weddings apart from blue lips and a couple of shivers here and there. What’s more beautiful than snow falling around the bride and groom on a winters day with the ground frosted, now that’s worth getting a wedding photographer for.

Upon meeting your chosen wedding photographer it would be a good idea to check out their style and the consistency displayed throughout their albums. Photographers tend to stick to the safe option and have signature shots from certain wedding venues. If you know a shot you wish for at you venue it’s worth asking about to creates wedding photographs that you’ll love. Ensure that you check the album thoroughly from start to finish so that you get a better feel of their skill and experience. It’ll also give you a good idea of their style and the kind of images that you could expect on your wedding day. By viewing a whole wedding album this will avoid the wedding photographer only presenting you with a collection of their favourite and best images or even any images that they may have taken on a training course.

Choosing a wedding photographer is like playing a game of roulette you never know who’s bluffing, so here’s a few questions to help you decide:

1. Do you carry back up equipment in case of a problem on the wedding day?

2. Who would be taking the photographs on the wedding day, is it yourself or likely to be another photographer?

3. If you haven’t visited the wedding venue before, would you visit it before the wedding, could we meet there?

4. What happens if you are ill, or can’t attend on the day of the wedding? Would you send a replacement?

5. Do you meet up with the couple before the wedding so we can plan the wedding day photographs?

6. Do you photograph in just one style, or can we chose the style of photographs and can this be mixed and matched throughout the wedding day?

7. Do you edit all the wedding photographs we see, so they are as they would appear in the album?

8. How long will it take for us to see the photographs, and where would we see them?


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