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Flowers for your wedding day : Wedding bouquets and floral arrangements

Wedding flowers are a small detail of your wedding day that you will remember forever. A small gesture (or large, depending on what arrangement you choose) that are going to be responsible for one of the most beautiful elements of your wedding day – second to the bride of course. It should come as no surprise to your husband-to-be that wedding flowers would be full bloom on your wedding day. If he’s ever seen your delighted reaction to a bunch of roses, forget-me-not’s or even daffodil’s that he’s bought you from the florists, then it makes sense to top it off on with an array of flowers and stunning bouquets on your wedding day. Although wedding flowers aren’t just pretty to look at, they have real meanings too. Even a simple bluebell represents everlasting love, So who’d want to chance doing without on your wedding day when they bring promises like that?

As soon as you get engaged, chances are you’ll start flicking through various magazines, books, and even looking online at some fantastic wedding flowers and wedding bouquets. A good idea is to start making a list of the wedding bouquets and designs that you’ve seen and liked. And also of florists whose work you admire. Another bonus is to find local florists so you can go in for a consultation to talk about wedding bouquets. The first thing you will want to find out is whether the florist is available for your wedding day. If they are already booked for your date, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. You could always put yourself on a waiting list in case something opens up in the near future. However no doubt you’ll already have a florist by that time with your wedding bouquet credentials, but it doesn’t hurt to get on a wait list if you admire the florist’s work. Start browsing through arrangements and bouquets that florist have done as it can give you a good idea of their style and how the flowers will look on your wedding day.

Whether you’re getting married in January or December, you’ll need to find out what flowers will be in season for your wedding bouquet. It could make a huge difference between getting the bunch you imagined or being disappointed and penniless! The price and availability of flowers will change throughout the year, Although (just like fruit and veg) flowers can be imported or grown in greenhouses to provide certain types that are available all year round, seasonal flowers tend to be better value and easier to find. As wedding costs have a nasty habit of creeping up really quickly, it’s worth doing a bit of homework before you choose your wedding bouquet, so that you can match your wedding flowers to the season you are marrying in.

If you have any questions about your wedding bouquet, be sure to ask your chosen florist the questions below:

1. Have you done any flowers for the chosen venue for my wedding day?

2. Is my dream wedding bouquet achievable?

3. Are the flowers in season for my wedding?

4. What would happen if you could’t deliver my wedding bouquets on the day, due to illness?

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