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The Wedding Dress of your dreams

Wedding Dress – Choosing what’s right for you.

At first the many different designs of wedding dress on offer can be bewildering, but it’s best to keep an open mind when first shopping for that killer dress. It can be useful to browse wedding magazines and the internet (not to mention celebrity wedding pictures) for inspiration. You may have been dreaming of that special wedding dress since you were four years old and can visualise every amazing detail in your minds eye, but what looks stunning on one girl won’t always be right for another, so do be prepared to consider more than one style or colour.

It’s worth remembering that Bridal Boutique proprietors really do know their trade, so be prepared to listen to their advice. They may be able to tell at a glance which style will flatter you, and this might not be the dress you have set your heart on, but be prepared to try it – you might just be pleasantly surprised! Having said that, don’t be bullied, if you really don’t like the suggestions they make try somewhere else.

When shopping for such an important dress, it is vital that you spare the time to look without feeling rushed or harassed. It is advisable to make appointments with the various shops you intend to visit. By making appointments in advance you are guaranteeing the time and expertise of a professional. So that you get a true idea of what is available, it is important to visit several different bridal shops before you make a decision, many designs are exclusive to one shop in an area, so don’t miss the perfect dress by not shopping around.

It’s always fun to go shopping with others, so consider taking two people with you on these extra special shopping trips. Though it’s probably best not to turn up for your appointments with an entourage of six. Many brides choose to take their mother, sister or best friend, people who will give an honest opinion.

Whilst traditionally brides wore white, there are no rules and many choose variations such as ivory or cream. If you want to marry in a blood red or black dress go for it, the important thing is that you feel a million dollars as you walk towards your groom!

Not all brides want to buy a traditional wedding dress from a Bridal Boutique. You may opt to hire a dress, buy a non traditional dress which can be worn again, or even trawl internet auction sites for a bargain.

Remember that most suppliers require at least 12 – 16 weeks notice to produce your dress, so don’t be caught out by leaving it too late!

If you are intending to loose weight before your wedding, make sure you do so before fitting for a dress. Never, ever by a size smaller intending to slim into it before the big day (we’ve all got at least one garment in our wardrobe which will never see the light of day!). Remember that it’s far more difficult for your dressmaker to let a dress out, than to take it in a little.

When you have chosen the killer dress which is bound to make your groom swoon, think about head dressing. Do you want a traditional veil, tiara or flowers in your hair, the boutique staff will be able to advise you on this, and probably stock a large collection to choose from.

Wedding Shoes

So, the dress is ordered, you’ve decided on extras such as shrugs, shawls and head dressing (or not), now is the time to choose your shoes. There are no shortage of bridal footwear out there to choose from, and your bridal store will most certainly stock a selection for you to look at, but again shop around. Whilst for some girls, no less than designer shoes will do for her big day, by looking in high street store you may be able to get the look without breaking the bank. Most importantly, remember that your wedding day will be a long, tiring day, and posing for all those photos can be hard on a girls feet, so try to opt for a pair of shoes which will be comfortable for the whole day. The first dance can be a long time after first setting out on an exciting day!

When choosing a wedding dress consider:

  • When do I have order the dress?
  • Will I need periodic fittings?
  • When do I collect the dress?
  • Where will I store it once collected from the store?
  • Does it flatter my body shape?
  • Will I be too warm/cold? Will I need a shrug/shawl?
  • Will I be comfortable?
  • What shoes will I wear with it?
  • Do I want a veil/tiara/or other head dressing?
  • Do I want a train?
  • What colour do I want?