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Wedding Cakes – wedding cupcakes and traditional cakes

Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake will form a focal point at your reception. The cutting of the wedding cake is an integral, and much anticipated, part of most wedding celebrations, providing you with a perfect photo opportunity to remember the moment forever.

Ideally, the wedding cake you choose should reflect the theme of your day. So consider the colours you are using in other area such as bridesmaid’s dresses and grooms outfit, also think about the flowers you are using in your bouquets and table/room decorations. If you wish to use cake toppers, speak to your baker about handmade figures which reflect the personalities/physical attributes of the happy couple. There are also many different toppers to be bought from cake decorating stockists both online or on the high street.

While a traditional tiered wedding cake looks beautiful, this might be adapted into say pile of presents. A tower of individually iced cupcakes can make a modern and impressive display, some couples opt to have these iced with guest’s names to be taken home as favours at the end of the day. Ask to see your baker’s portfolio to see the range of cakes they can produce.

When choosing the style of your wedding cake consider:

  • How many people will it serve?
  • How will the design tie in with your day?
  • Do you want a traditional fruitcake, or a lighter sponge cake, maybe a huge proffitorole mountain is more to your taste?
  • Are you serving the cake as desert, or will the guests be taking it home as favours?

Remember that however beautiful a wedding cake looks, its must be delicious, so don’t be afraid to ask your baker for tasters to allow you to choose your perfect cake.

Almost as important as the wedding cake’s design, is the position of the cake at your reception, remember that it will form an important focal point of the day. Dress the table the cake will sit on to match the others tables in the room. You may wish to make a statement by using toning flowers, confetti, greenery or tulle to make the table look extra special. The knife (which in its self is an important part of the decoration) should be placed to the left of the cake ready for the cutting of the cake ceremony. The dressed cake table should be placed where all your guests can admire it without obscuring their view of the top table. Most importantly, don’t place your cake where excited guests could knock it over.

Cutting the Wedding Cake

As an important part of most weddings, you’ll be eager for this ceremony to pass without a hitch, so it’s recommended that you follow a tried and tested convention.

  • Master of ceremonies (if you have one) should announce the cutting of the cake is about to take place. Giving guests plenty of opportunity to gather (and get the cameras ready!).
  • The bride holds the knife with her right hand, with the groom placing his hand over hers. The couple then cut the cake together – remembering to smile for the cameras.
  • Traditionally, the bride feeds her husband the first bite, he then feeds his new wife the second bite.

After the cake cutting, the caterers should supervise sharing the cake into individual pieces for guests, either for desert or to take home, retaining the top tier for the bride and groom.

Traditionally, the top tier of the cake is saved for the happy couple and in the past would double as a Christening Cake for the first born child of the marriage. However, many couples now choose to ignore this practice and prefer to serve the whole cake on the wedding day.

Top wedding cake tips to Remember

  • Plan your wedding theme before committing to a cake design.
  • Look in magazines or at bridal fairs for inspiration.
  • Ask to sample tasters of different cakes.
  • Make sure your chosen baker is clear on what you want, maybe illustrate your ideas
  • Arrange for your baker or caterer to transport the finished cake to the venue.
  • Plan where in the reception room your cake will be placed, and how you are going to decorate the table.
  • Don’t forget the knife. Do you have a family heirloom, or are you going to hire one or buy one?
  • Consider when you will serve the cake: as desert, after the meal with coffee, or will the guests take a piece home to enjoy later.
  • If you are saving the top tier of your cake, make sure you have a container to fit, and freezer space.
  • Don’t get so excited by your big day that you forget to sample a piece yourself!